If you want to park at my place, it’s only $50

If you’re planning to drive to the NHL Draft in Columbus this June, better be prepared to spend a long time looking for a place to park. I discovered today that the draft at Nationwide will coincide with Comfest at Goodale Park, four blocks to the north.

For those unfamiliar with Comfest, it’s an annual music/art/drinking festival, and something which draws thousands down to a neighborhood where parking can be at a premium at the best of times. I live a few blocks from the park, and my street is packed with parked cars all weekend during Comfest. I’d imagine the garages in the Arena District are too. Which means the Comfest parkers and the Draft parkers are going to be competing for the same parking spaces. And some of the reliable on-street places for CBJ games, along Park St or Goodale, will be closed off.

So plan ahead if you’re coming to the draft. If you’re from out of town, book hotels early so you can stay downtown. If you live in Columbus, take COT — oh, sorry, for a minute there I was dreaming I lived in a city with adequate public transportation — be prepared to walk a long way.


2 responses to “If you want to park at my place, it’s only $50

  1. This sort of thing makes me wish even more than we had a streetcar to shuttle us around town! šŸ˜‰


  2. That would be nice. šŸ™‚ Some day…

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