Forsberg to the Preds

Wow, I just returned home from a pleasant evening with the Jacket Backers and special guests George Matthews and Bill Davidge (no matter how many times I see those guys in person, it’s still weird to hear their voices coming out of people and not the radio! But I digress…) and discovered that the Central Division just got a little tougher. The Nashville Predators have acquired Peter Forsberg from Philadelphia.

If Forsberg can stay healthy, and yes that’s a huge if, this could turn out to be one of those Butch Goring/Ron Francis type pickups that put the team over the top. With some of the rumblings out of Nashville about the lack of corporate support and the suggestion that team could be on the move as soon as the year after next, it makes sense for them to go for it now. Winning the Cup doesn’t mean a team will be secure forever (see Penguins, Pittsburgh), but it would certainly help.


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