Blues 5, Jackets 4 (SO)

Jackets look better, still find a way to lose. Sigh. At least they got the loser point tonight.


5 responses to “Blues 5, Jackets 4 (SO)

  1. After the third period, I don’t think they deserved any points. Their ability to give up goals on the power play (yes, it’s developing into a skill) is simply amazing.

    Some of the penalties in the third might be described as ticky-tack or soft. But when team leaders like Foote, Vyborny, Fedorov, and Modin are all taking trips to the sin bin for stick fouls in a close game, the best efforts of anyone aren’t going to save the team.

    I was thinking during the second intermission that the team would likely lose the game, and unfortunately they proved me right. Playing smart hockey is not at the top of this team’s skill set right now. Here’s hoping that gets addressed before next season begins.

  2. You’re dead-on, which is why Foote’s comments in the paper this morning irked me. Yeah, the refs did us no favors last night, but the Jackets took way too many stupid, lazy penalties that any ref would have called. Stop playing undisciplined hockey like that and then we can worry about being screwed by the borderline or bad calls

  3. I used to play goal, and with all the equipment, I’m impressed he could actually get his pants down and still skate…

  4. I actually wondered about that. I’m surprised it’s not on YouTube.

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