Blog-keeping and a tag

So, I created a custom header for my blog, using all my MS Paint skillz. I took all of the pictures with my cell phone, except for the St. Lawrence-Miami one, which John Wright took.

And since I’m blogging about my blog right now, this is as good a time as any to note that Blue Bexley has tagged me. I must answer by giving five reasons that I blog and then tagging five more bloggers.

1. I like to write. I get to write a lot on my job, but it’s not especially creative writing, and it’s never about hockey. So this is an outlet.

2. Although I burned out on my old blog, I was starting to miss it.

3. Because I’ve gotten to know some cool people through blogging.

4. Because there are some cool Jackets blogs out there, but there’s always room for one more

5. Because reading my blog is how my parents make sure I’m still alive and not in prison.

I tag Mark, Wes, Dave, Walker and Tim


2 responses to “Blog-keeping and a tag

  1. I just cut my finger off last night and now more typing?

    1. I pretty much set up the links to pages I want to check. It’s easier to have a blog roll set up than to type out each address. (Man, I’m lazy.)

    2. It’s a way to keep track of books, news, and assorted information for future reference.

    3. It makes me feel I’m doing something productive.

    4. To steal from Sarah, I’ve gotten to know some cool people through blogging.

    5. Because if I don’t, the terrorists have won.

  2. Love #5, MG. Perfect.

    And I like the header, Sarah. Perhaps one day I’ll put up something a little nicer on my site to catch up!

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