Jackets 3, Kings 2 (OT)

Well, the Jackets finally won a game they should have won against a team they should have beat. And now they’re only 18 games out of the playoffs! Clearly this team is turning the corner…

Seriously, though, good to see them stringing some wins together, even if it is too late to make a run for the postseason. And also good to see Geoff Platt get his first NHL goal. For a guy who originally came to rookie camp more or less to fill out the roster and audition for a place in Dayton, he’s turned out to be quite a find.

Also, during the FSN broadcast of last night’s game, ex Blue Jacket Tyler Wright, who still lives in town, visited the booth. He’ll be doing commentary on ONN this weekend for the state high school hockey finals, which are being played at Nationwide. Upper Arlington is the sole representative of central or southern Ohio in the final four. Good to see Tyler around and about, and go UA! (Some day the rest of the state will catch up to Toledo/Cleveland)

On the down side, looks like Bryan Berard’s career could be over, as his back is troubling him again. He was likely done in Columbus in any event, but it’s hard to see him finding a team willing to take the risk on his back, even if it does heal up enough to allow him to play again.


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