Nashville Part One

I’m going to get around to posting some of my pictures and thoughts from the trip at some point.

Until I get there, though, I thought I’d share the point-counterpoint that was on the front of the Tennessean opinion page this morning about the Preds and their place in Nashville.

On what I guess is the anti-Pred (?) side, a pointless piece by retired opinion columnist Jimmy Davy. To summarize, he had season tickets in the first year, but decided that they were too expensive and conflicted with watching college football and basketball, which he likes better. Also a first year expansion team wasn’t very competitive (imagine that) and there weren’t as many fights as in the minors. Okay. Bully for him. I still can’t figure out what the point of his article is, though. That Preds ticket prices are too high? That the NHL schedule should be planned around college football? That hockey will never work in the south because some geezer gave it a try for one year and then decided he didn’t like it so much? All I see here is one person’s reasoning behind not supporting the Preds. Jeez, I hope the Cincinnati Enquirer decides to run some opinion pieces on why the latest incarnation of the Cyclones is failing at the box office. I can contribute my hard-hitting piece about how I was an inaugural season ticket holder for the Cyclones and was very enthusiastic about the new team, but then the next year I went 750 miles away to college so I didn’t renew my season tickets.

On the pro-side, Mark Hollingsworth from Cellblock 303 contributes an article about what he sees as the Preds’ positives, about attendance and revenues, etc. So more than just “I like hockey and therefore hockey is good.” Kudos to Mark for the article. And which one is the professional writer again?

But wait, there’s more! Fans weigh in with their opinions on the Preds. Many of them not so happy with the local media coverage, which based on my sample size of one issue of the paper doesn’t shock me. Some good comments in here. And they included the e-mail addresses of the writers, so that’s handy if you’d like to correspond with any of them about the Preds or how to get herbal %v1agra@!!!


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