Doug, sign Reid Cashman

Big, offensive-minded defenseman from Quinnipiac. He was a Hobey Baker finalist as a sophomore while not playing for one of the usual prestige programs. He’s a likely Hobey candidate again this year, and has played mucho minutes while leading QU to the ECAC championship game in only their second year in the league. And he’s not been drafted, which means any team can sign him now that his college career is over. And boy, would it be nice if Columbus turned out to be the team that did.

I don’t think he’s the immediate answer to the Jackets’ weaknesses on defense. If he were to sign with the CBJ, I’d suspect he’d start out in the ‘Cuse. If nothing else, he’d likely help them on the blueline, but who knows where his career ceiling will be? It’s not like the Jackets are exactly overflowing with blue-chip prospects on the blueline.

The Jackets have had some luck with college FA blueliners before (Duvie Westcott), so let’s see them go after Cashman.


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