Some college hockey news and an OT movie recommendation

Couple of upsets already in NCAA regional play. Maybe not on the order of Holy Cross-Minnesota last year, but UMass knocked Clarkson out today, 1-0, and Maine beat St. Cloud State 4-1. And it took Notre Dame two OT periods to defeat Alabama-Huntsville.

I hope St. Lawrence will be able to continue the unexpected tomorrow in their game against BC. Which I won’t be able to follow along with at all, since I’m going to be in Pittsburgh for the Pens-Thrashers game and some Ikea. Hopefully I’ll return home to a positive result.

And now for the OT (off-topic, not overtime), I finally got to see Flag Wars. I missed it when it was originally on PBS and have been waiting for four years for it to come out on DVD. It finally was released this week, and I got it from Netflix. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in urban issues, gentrification, or the politics of race and class in the contemporary USA. Or anyone who’s from Columbus and just wants the little frisson of excitement of seeing familiar places in a documentary.


2 responses to “Some college hockey news and an OT movie recommendation

  1. Did Flag Wars favor either side? It looks like a director could put a strong slant to it either way.

  2. I thought it was fairly even-handed. It skewed a little towards the original neighborhood residents, but I thought they portrayed the gentrifiers pretty fairly as well. And even the city code enforcement judge, who looks at the beginning to be a potential “villain” turns out to be pretty fair in the end.

    They also showed some of the anti-gay nonsense going on in the wider society, which I liked from a sociological standpoint because it shows how in one setting (gentrification in OTE) certain people are the privileged ones, while in others (Ohio society as a whole) the same people are oppressed. I thought that was a good way at getting at some of the complexities around these issues.

    It’s done in cinema verite style with no narration, interviews by the filmmakers, stock footage, etc. I don’t know if that would make the film play differently to someone who didn’t know Columbus? I was obviously able to supply a lot of the context in my own head…I wonder if it would come across as more slanted one way or the other if I didn’t have the context.

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