This warms my heart

The Blues are returning to KMOX.

This is cool because way back in the 1980s, before high-speed internet, satellite radio, NHL Center Ice et al, the NHL moved from ESPN to SportsChannel, a network almost no one had (sound familiar?). At the time, I was a young hockey fan living in a city with no hockey to speak of, and I was able to get my hockey fix from only three places — the occasional Rangers game on “Superstation” WOR (I’ve hated the Rangers ever since), Moeller high school games on Public Access (Jason Rothwell was my Patrick Roy), and Blues games on KMOX, which would travel across the flatlands of Illinois and Indiana to be received (with static) in Cincinnati. Many’s a night I spent fiddling with the radio dial late at night trying to pull in the call of the late Dan Kelly as clear as I could.

Now that I have Center Ice, satellite radio, and the internet, not to mention an NHL team playing right here in my own city, I doubt I’ll spend much time seeking out Blues games on KMOX next year. But I’m just glad to know they’ll be there.


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