Jackets 2, Stars 1 (OT)

Well, I’m going to be freezing my ass off in Crew Stadium on Saturday night while the Jackets close out their season, so tonight was the end of the hockey season for me. Not a bad way to go out, with an OT victory. Not the most exciting game up to that point, but beggars can’t be choosers, eh? In any event, I’ve been ready for this season to be over for quite some time now. Bring on 2007-08.

Of note tonight, given the whole Jim Lites vs the Nashville Predators hoo-ha, the Jackets did a whole little spiel on the jumbotron to honor Modano for breaking the U.S. goal scoring record. So be nice to us, okay Mr. Lites?

The Dispatch dropped this tantalizing little story on us today, raising hopes of a shake-up in the CBJ front office after yet another year of being out of the playoffs by February. Of course, this being the Jackets, they’re probably just holding the meeting to hammer out the final details of DM the GM’s fifteen-year contract…


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