Dispatch gives it to Doug with both barrels

A couple of very damning columns in this morning’s paper about Doug MacLean, as another disappointing CBJ season sputters to an end.

Bob Hunter:

The BS wears me out. Six years of nonstop BS has worn just about everybody out. Sometimes, I think it has as much to do with fans calling for a change at the top of the franchise as much as anything. The BS is even worse than the losing.

The officials cost us the game. The scouts who harshly critiqued the team in The Dispatch in February are a “bunch of bozos.” (Insert the name of your favorite fringe player here) is going to take a step. The injury to (insert the name of another “star”) was “devastating.” The team is on the right track.

Could somebody — team owner John H. McConnell, are you out there? — please put an end to all this incessant noise pollution? I’m surprised city officials haven’t heard from the Environmental Protection Agency. The noxious odor from this stuff could bad for our health.

Strip away the BS and here’s what we’re left with: The Blue Jackets’ record is the worst in the NHL the past six years. They are the only team in the NHL that has never made the playoffs. Attendance is dropping so fast, I think I saw one of the regular ticket scalpers working the drive-through window at McDonald’s.

Michael Arace:

The Blue Jackets have had another season like all the others. They are stuck. Attendance is dropping, season ticket prices are rising, the franchise is losing money and the team’s marketing department is groping for something to sell besides coach Ken Hitchcock.

If the status quo is maintained, the Blue Jackets have a tough sell on their hands.

Make a change, and there’s a chance to recapture some momentum that never should have been lost.

This market is too good to waste.

Not much I can disagree with in either article. I believe Doug truly wants to win and cares about this franchise, and not every deal he’s made has been a disaster. Some have been pretty good. But the total product hasn’t been there. And it’s hard to see how it’s going to get there with Doug in charge. It’s time for a change at the top in Columbus.


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