My 50-Mission Cap

More-or-less OT (although I did work the roundabout hockey reference into the title), but I am now announcing my intentions to go out on the road and follow The Tragically Hip. Okay, I’m not, but I am going to see them two nights in a row in two different states next month. Which is kind of cool, in a creepy kind of way.

I already had plans to go see them in Erie (home of the Otters) and take that Friday off work in order to go up via Pittsburgh (home of the Penguins) and stop at Ikea to pick up another Skina Rund, but then I found out that the day before I will have to be in Toledo (home of the Storm, but not for long) for work. Then I discovered that The Hip are playing Toledo on Thursday night so I figured, what the hey? Why not go see them there as well, stay over in Toledo, drive to Erie the next day via Cleveland (Soon to be home of the Lake Erie Monsters), then hit Ikea on the way home on Saturday? And thus my spring vacation plans were hatched.

I’ve only seen The Hip live once before, in Ottawa (home of the 67s), although I did used to see Rob Baker fairly often at Chapters in Kingston (home of the Frontenacs). So I am looking forward to seeing them twice in two nights, even if it does smack of obsessive fandom.

And now that the third period has started in the Nashville-San Jose game, and I’ve run out of cities with hockey teams to work into this post, this little exercise in off-topicness is over.


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