Crew 2, Revs 2

Thanks to Doug getting the heave-ho, this has been my best day ever hit-wise on this blog. So obviously I need to kill all my momentum by talking about soccer…

The Crew finally broke the goose egg on the season in the first half, on a real nice goal by Ned Grabavoy, who’s becoming my favorite Crew player. Unfortunately, New England pulled two back before the end of the first half.

The second half was not brilliant for Columbus, although the piss-poor refereeing didn’t help. Looked like it would go in the books as a loss, but sub Kei Kamara finally scored one to tie it up. And that’s how it ended.

Not a bad crowd on hand for a mid-week game. The game was on ESPN2, so the Crew pulled out all the stops to get people there. Not only was it Buck-a-Brat night, they sold ticket packages with all you can eat brats and all you can drink beer before the game. Sometimes you gotta get creative…

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