Goalies gone wild

For those who weren’t watching the Flames-Wings tilt on NBC yesterday, here is Jamie McLennan going all Ron Hextall on Johan Franzen:

Keep in mind this happened less than a minute after McLennan had been put in the game. After much complaint from the Flames about the Wings running Kiprusoff.

So was it premeditated, or just a moment of madness in a game that had long slipped away? McLennan had already been called for a slashing penalty before he did this. Watching it, I did immediately wonder if he was put in the game in order to teach some Wings some lessons without putting Kipper at risk? Still, how often does a team use a goalie in an enforcer role?

I for one welcome our new psychotic goalie overlords.

And, um, tonight’s game in Calgary should be interesting, to say the least.


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