I’m a bad hockey fan

You’ll notice I haven’t been posting much about the playoffs. I’ve been watching the playoffs, on and off. But I just can’t get excited when my team isn’t in it. Which according to many people bloviating on various hockey message boards, means I’m not a real hockey fan, I’m just a fan of a team.

When I was a teenager, I used to get much more into watching the playoffs, staying up ’til 3am to watch the Isles and Caps play three OTs, watching every game, picking a team to live and die by in every series. Of course, I was younger with somewhat fewer responsibilities and less stress in my life, I was much less attached to any particular NHL team by virtue of not living in an NHL city, and, probably most key, the playoffs were over by the end of May.

But now, I’m faced with 2 1/2 months of watching and caring about games that my team isn’t in. Hell, if we want to go back to when the Jackets were last in some semblance of playoff contention, I haven’t had a meaningful game involving my team since, um, last October?

Like I said, I’ll still watch. Provided Law & Order is a repeat and I don’t have other plans. But I just can’t care. Sure, I have teams in each series I like better or worse, or don’t want to win for whatever idiosyncratic reasons. And I can aesthetically appreciate a well-played game. But really, really get into it? It just ain’t happening. And if that makes me less of a hockey fan, well, I guess I’m just less of a hockey fan.


One response to “I’m a bad hockey fan

  1. Unfortunately, I’m with you on this one. For whatever reason (probably being busier than sin right now) I haven’t watched one complete playoff game. I’ve seen bits and pieces of periods here and there, but no whole games.

    Probably I’ll watch a bit more in the SCF, but until then I’m having trouble with the motivation.

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