Interesting reads du jour

Neither hockey-related, but about sports (kinda):


2 responses to “Interesting reads du jour

  1. I read that today. Was interesting. You don’t often think of sports persons in the context of anything but their sport, and possibly their absurdly extravagant lifestyle. That some of them did have or may still have strong political views is something that hadn’t really occurred to me.

    Cynic that I am, any kind of political statement made by a celebrity I see as a publicity stunt. I sometimes forget that famous people are occasionally real people with actual views and beliefs…

  2. Yeah, most of them don’t really put their views out there, one way or another, so it’s always surprising when someone does.

    In hockey, which is the sport I know best, I can only think of a few contemporary players who have been at all publicly political (obviously, some ex-players have gotten into politics: Ken Dryden, Peter Stastny, Frank Mahovlich, etc) —

    Bobby Holik has been fairly outspoken in interviews about his conservative politics.

    Tony Amonte and some other U.S.-born player that I can’t remember now (Doug Weight?) apparently campaigned for Bush in 2004.

    Mike Richter made some fairly pointed comments about Bush after 9/11, and publicly considered running for Congress in CT as a Democrat.

    Andrew Ference of the Bruins is known to have fairly green politics.

    Can’t really think of any others.

    Of course, hockey players tend to present themselves publicly in a pretty anodyne fashion in general, not just about politics. And I suppose since so many of them play in places where they aren’t citizens and didn’t grow up, they’re not apt to get into politics much.

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