Sometimes a DMGM is just a DMGM…

Last night I dreamt that Doug MacLean had opened a three-story pub after being fired by the Jackets. What was most notable about this pub, besides its ownership, was that despite ostensibly being located in Central Ohio somewhere, they served Keith’s. And yet I ordered a Molson Canadian.

And in the dream, Doug knew my name and also my screen name on Metro, and was asking me pointed questions about stuff I had posted there. I was weirded out by this fact.

Later, I was in a bank atrium waiting to use the ATM, and another person waiting in line made a disparaging remark about Doug, who proceeded to put him in a headlock and beat him. I was more weirded out.

And before you ask, yes I have been under a lot of stress lately.

But I like the idea of a Maritime pub that serves Keith’s in Columbus. Whether run by Doug MacLean or not. (More than likely not)


One response to “Sometimes a DMGM is just a DMGM…

  1. Do sports figures ever open businesses in the city they played (coached ,etc.) after being fired? I can think of plenty who opened businesses while doing business with the team but split when they were fired.

    Or maybe it’s just that Cincinnati doesn’t have enough strip bars to keep them in town.

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