Dayton back in the series

The Bombers beat up on Cincinnati last night, 6-2. The series moves back to the Nutter Center tomorrow.


2 responses to “Dayton back in the series

  1. Ugh!! I was so bitter about this!!!!! I want Cincy to win. I think Cedrick just had an off night. Yup that is it. Haha. Oh and as for the draft yeah I’d be into that but I think they are doing something at the draft on Saturday…but I’m not sure I think it’s Round 2-whatever. Are you going? And do you know when we are supposed to find out about tickets?

  2. I put in my draft ticket request a few months ago. Haven’t heard anything yet. If I missed out somehow, I assume I can get tickets through people I know who are STHs, so I’m not too worried about it.

    I think their plan is to do the first round on Friday night, and rounds 2-8 on Saturday starting in the morning. Honestly, I’m guessing it will get boring quick on Saturday. There will be some other stuff going on — I’ve heard a sports card show at Nationwide.

    Since this is still a month and a half away, I don’t have any hard and fast plans. Kind of thinking draft in the morning, when that gets boring, head over to Comfest, when that gets to be too much, maybe head home for a swim or some beers.

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