MLS Salary Info

As a bit of an addendum to this post, I see that the MLS players’ union has released the full list of salaries for players in the league. It’s fairly sobering for those of us accustomed to following the big sports here (and yes, I’m even including hockey in that) to see what some of these guys make, and that Ned Grabavoy would have as difficult a time buying one of those fancy condos downtown on his salary as I would on mine. Eep.

It does however raise an interesting question: which Columbus athlete is more overpaid for his performance, Adam Foote at $4.6 million, or Eddie Gaven at $188,000?


2 responses to “MLS Salary Info

  1. Were the guys only pulling $12K per season only playing one game? I’m so used to baseball salaries that even the highest paid players here looked used.

  2. No, the guys on “developmental contracts” are getting the real low $. Andy Gruenebaum has started all the games in goal for the Crew this year and is only making $17K

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