So much to cover…

…so little energy. Been out of town the past few days. To sum up:

  • Hip concert in Erie was excellent, despite the best efforts of the crowd to turn it into a Sabres rally. Which made it all the more pleasant to hear the Sabres get knocked out of the playoffs yesterday. Downie did do a little shout-out to them, though, changing the “loosening my grip on Bobby Orr” lyric in “Fireworks” to “loosening my grip on Derek Roy.”
  • Sens going to the finals. Weird feeling, seeing as how I rooted for this team for a decade, then just stopped caring last season. I’ll cheer for them in the finals, but if they win, it won’t mean much of anything to me.
  • I was driving and listening to the game on XM, so I missed NBC switching away from the OT yesterday to cover the Preakness pre-race. It’s drawing comment from other blogs
  • Allardyce to Newcastle. I’m willing to give him a chance and hope he makes a difference — he’s already cut Titus Bungle loose, which is a step in the right direction.
  • Bombers headed to the Kelly Cup finals!
  • Jackets trade rights to Adam McQuaid to Boston. I’m a bit disappointed about this, given that McQuaid seems to be a half-decent prospect on the blueline, and the Columbus org is thin there. Obviously, they didn’t think they could get him signed and didn’t want to lose him for nothing.
  • Thankfully I went out last night and didn’t sit through the Crew’s 4-0 shellacking in NY. Watched it in super ffwd on DVR this morning. Ugh.

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