I don’t really follow other sports much…

…do fans of football, baseball and basketball opine about what fans “deserve” teams, openly cheer for other fans to lose their teams, and basically act as if anyone who supports a team that has been around for less than four decades is no better than something they scraped off the bottom of their shoe?

Honestly, I’m glad the internet wasn’t around when I started following hockey in 1986, because if I’d been exposed then to the arrogance of “traditional” fans, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to continue to follow the sport.


2 responses to “I don’t really follow other sports much…

  1. Interesting – is it the original six vs. others, or the more long-term franchises picking on the newer ones like Nashville and Columbus?

    I haven’t seen much of that in the NFL or NBA (I don’t follow MLB), and I surely haven’t heard of fans rooting for other cities to lose their teams. I’d be interested in hearing if others have different experiences.

    Re: your newer post, I used to get Hockey Digest regularly in the late 80s, but fell away from it. As much as I loved hockey, it was just too hard to follow from here, at least given everything else I had going on.

  2. It sometimes is the O6 vs everyone else…certain fans seem to believe that supporting an O6 team gives them more credibility, so that a 16-year-old Wings fan who has been a lifelong fan since they last won the Cup is somehow a better hockey fan than a 60-year-old CBJ fan who’s been watching and playing hockey since the Columbus Checkers in the 1960s.

    Usually, though, it’s the northern markets vs those seen as not entirely north enough — so people will rant about how all expansion teams should be contracted, but mysteriously give the Wild and Senators a pass. And Columbus is in the South, but other teams along our approximate latitude, like Pittsburgh and St. Louis, are given a pass.

    There’s also the attendance double standard — if Phoenix or Atlanta fans don’t show up to see their bad team, that’s because hockey will never work there and they don’t deserve a team, because any city that truly deserves a team will sell out every single night. When Boston or Chicago fans stay away in droves, it’s because they’re such savvy hockey fans who aren’t willing to pay to watch a bad team.

    But what’s set me off immediately, of course, is the reaction from a lot of people to the Nashville news. They’re downright gleeful about the Preds fans losing their team…and it’s not even coming mainly from people in Hamilton or K-W who think they’re going to get the Preds, it’s coming from people in Detroit, and Minnesota, and Toronto, etc, who already have NHL teams and whose lives aren’t affected by the existence of the Preds in Nashville, so being happy about Nashville losing their team is just downright assholish in my book.

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