Massive Ice Storm Does Not Affect Toronto*

Uh, Toronto? This kind of article is why people see you as self-obsessed navel gazers with a chip on your shoulder and a massive inferiority complex…

Just take it under advisement.

* The title of this post comes from a headline in the Globe & Mail in 1998 while Eastern Ontario and Quebec were digging out from under the biggest ice storm in recent Canadian history and thousands were without power for weeks during the coldest part of the winter. Within a couple of days of the article about how the ice storm missed Toronto, the G&M ran an editorial explaining that they weren’t giving the ice storm that much coverage because hey, we’re Canada’s “National Newspaper” and we know from big news, and this is not big news. Unlike, say, the fact that it was impossible to test drive the new Mercedes SUV anywhere in the GTA when they were first released, because people were just snapping them up sight unseen. That was a front page story in the Globe.


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