Quite possibly the best Half Price Books find ever

So, Half Price Books is having their bi-annual 20% off sale this weekend, and I stopped by the Lane Ave. location tonight and picked up a few things.

One of the things I bought was a copy of The Red Machine: The Soviet Quest to Dominate Canada’s Game by Lawrence Martin. I know I’ve read it before; in fact, I think I may have owned a copy on a previous occasion.

But anyway, as I get home this evening, I’m emptying my bag of my HP purchases and start to leaf through the Martin book. I notice that it is inscribed in the front. Not too unusual to find in a used book. Then I look closer at the inscription (click for full-size goodness):


If you can’t read the picture clearly, it says:

To Doug,

Hope you haven’t read this as yet. Thought you might enjoy it in light of the fact the ‘Wings’ see the future in the USSR. Continued success in 91.

Jim Clark
X-Mas ’90

Can it be? Did I just buy Doug MacLean’s personal copy of The Red Machine personally inscribed by Jim Clark for $5.98 minus 20%? It would appear that way. I wonder what other goodies Doug dropped off at HP on his way out of town? I kind of want to go back to the Lane store and see, even though my plans tomorrow call for hitting the east side locations.

I’m also now picturing Doug selling his books at Half Price. He’s lumped in four heavy boxes from the car, and they tell him, “I can give you $3 for the whole lot.” I wonder if his face got red and he threw things and called Gary Bettman on his cellphone like he used to do in his box when a call went against the CBJ?


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