Any plans for the finals, Canadian expats?

I’m not a Canadian, but I lived there long enough and miss poutine and President’s Choice White Cheddar Mac & Cheese and Molson Export (not all at the same time) enough that I’m virtually an expat, so I signed up for the Canadian Embassy in Washington’s mailing list for Canadians in the U.S.. And today I received this message from them:

Are You Celebrating the NHL Playoffs?

Throughout the U.S., Canadians and friends of Canada are gearing up to cheer on the Ottawa Senators or the Anaheim Ducks as they face-off in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Connect2Canada is assembling a list of known viewing events across the country. You can check out the latest updates at

Do you and your hockey-fan friends have any special plans? Do you know of any public hockey viewing events in your neighbourhood and want to let fellow Connect2Canada members know about it? Let us know and we will highlight them!

The official game schedule is available at

The Connect2Canada Team

As of yet, my plans for the finals involve grilling some burgers tomorrow and watching Game One, and that’s sadly not open to the public (my place is a mess).


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