Another collection of miscellany

What’s happening in this world right now:

  • Dayton lost on Sunday. As of when I am writing this, they’re tied in the third of Game 4.
  • Anaheim won game one last night, in more convincing fashion than the score would suggest. I expect Ottawa to rebound tomorrow night, though. I think this will be a 6 or 7 game series.
  • The Dispatch says the Jackets are down to the final four, and it’s an underwhelming list. Two in-house candidates? Of the four mentioned, I’d tend to favor Bob Murray. But now that Steve Tambellini did not get the job with Phoenix, I’d hope he’s a candidate in Columbus. Of course, I’m still holding out my lonely torch for Jarmo, but the boat seems to have sailed on that one.
  • If you haven’t picked up your requested draft tickets yet, the Jackets say pick them up by Friday or they will be released to the general public. Which would include you, I assume. But you can feel more special if you pick them up now.
  • Department of Off-Topic Department: A video tour of the Tip-Top Kitchen, where I shall be ringing in a birthday the day after tomorrow.
  • Give Me Money Department: Victorian Village Yard Sale Day is this coming Saturday. I will have many fine items for sale at a friend’s house on Wilber. Please come buy them, because I do not want to haul this junk back up to the third floor again.

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