The Dispatch didn’t send any beat writers to the Stanley Cup Finals

The Globe & Mail is all a-twitter about this latest evidence that no one in the USA cares about hockey nor ever will, so let’s move all the American teams to Halifax or Red Deer or St. Louis du Ha!Ha!. Well, okay, I took a bit of poetic license there, but I assume that’s what we’re supposed to take from the article.

I’m not generally happy with the level of non-coverage of hockey in much of the US media, but I find myself rather nonplussed by the news that regional papers in NHL cities which are not playing in the Finals don’t see fit to send their beat writers there. In the case of our local paper, they’ve been consistently running wire service stories about the Finals, even on non-game days. And the Game One story was on the front page of the Dispatch sports page, above the fold, yesterday morning. So I’m not feeling like they’re particularly neglecting the Finals.

And if they did send Arace or Portzline out there, what exactly are they going to produce that will give us that unique Columbus spin on the story? I mean, besides the 500th iteration of “ZOMG! Doug traded Beauchemin for Fedorov and Beauchemin is the bestest defenseman EVAR and Fedorov is teh suck!!!LOL!!!one!!1″?

Honestly, I’d much rather the beat writers stay around here providing us with updates and analysis on the CBJ GM search than jet off to Anaheim or Ottawa to tell us what we can already get from the national media (or if we’re so inclined, the Ottawa or Anaheim media, via the Internet). Heck, if we need to send them somewhere to cover some hockey games not directly involving the CBJ, why not some coverage of Dayton in the Kelly Cup (down 3-1 now, I’m sorry to report)?

But what do I know? After all, I’m American.

4 responses to “The Dispatch didn’t send any beat writers to the Stanley Cup Finals

  1. Yeah, silly American…what do you know about hockey? Even if the Cowpatch sent a reporter, you’d ignore his article in favor of one on Texas Hold’em on page 6.

  2. It is very dissapointing when a city that has a Hockey team cannot get themselves involved. Columbus is a awesome city and one would figure a hockey city. It is sad but Americans just can’t seem to get into hockey.I live in Michigan and write for my local paper and I could not get the time off my regular job to go and write about the Stanley Vup Series. Lord knows it would be better than watching.

  3. Shit, I had a hard enough time convincing the News & Observer here in Raleigh to cover a sporting event that was going on in their own hometown – I can’t imagine them sending the Canes beat writer to cover a Stanley Cup that the Canes weren’t playing in…

  4. I wonder how much too the lack of beat writers traveling for a “neutral” event says as much about the state of the newspaper industry in this country as it does about the prestige of the NHL. The Dispatch has recently “redesigned” the newspaper and made it smaller and with less content, which seems to be the trend everywhere, as readership falls (a trend I deplore — much as I enjoy the convenience of being able to read stories from around the globe on-line, I have to have my morning paper with my breakfast, consarnit! Damn kids, stay off my lawn….). I seem to vaguely recall hearing of layoffs at the Dispatch recently, but I can’t find a story about it on-line.

    So a penny-pinching newspaper in an industry whose long-term future is uncertain probably isn’t going to splash out on sending writers all over North America to follow two teams from far away that few Columbusites have any real attachment to or interest in.

    I realize one could argue that, well, if the NHL were higher profile, they would see it as an event they can’t afford not to send their writers to if they wish to have any credibility, much like the Super Bowl (I guess the Dispatch sends their own writers to the Super Bowl, but I honestly couldn’t tell you. Nor the World Series. It does appear they have a writer following the Cavs in the NBA playoffs, but that’s at least quasi-local).

    But then we get into the chicken-and-egg argument…

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