It’s all over

Idaho wins the Kelly Cup, 4 games to 1 over Dayton. It was still a good run for the Bombers — they played hockey longer into the spring than any other team in Ohio, so that should count for something.

On an unrelated topic, very nice birthday dinner and drinks at the Tip Top. Anyone in Columbus or who will be in Columbus (like for that draft-y type thing next month) should check it out. I recommend the Flytown Pick-Me-Up (whiskey, ginger ale & maple syrup) if you’re the imbibing sort. And it’s named after my ‘hood. I had the chicken salad sandwich & sweet potato fries to eat, and they were also excellent. The full menu hasn’t quite rolled out yet, but it does look like they’ve got some interesting comfort foods — chicken & dumplings, potroast & root vegetables, etc — that will be very nice when it’s not quite so hot and sticky outside.

And can I just say that, it’s only one of the many perks of being a world famous hockey blogger that the mayor of Columbus stops by your birthday table. Well…okay, he actually stopped to greet someone else at the table, not me, but the mayor did stop by my birthday table this evening.


2 responses to “It’s all over

  1. Still trying to wrap my head around the concept of a team from Idaho winning a hockey championship.

    Idaho…champions…doesn’t really go together too well, does it?

    And while not hockey related…what do you think about Viduka going to Newcastle?

  2. Viduka’s one of those players I’ve always had a real irrational dislike of, so I suppose it’s fitting if he comes to Newcastle…

    With Owen’s continued injury problems and apparent desire to play elsewhere, and Martins still having lots of questions swirling around him, they definitely need to add someone up front. And Viduka did have something of a career renaissance last season, so…

    In Big Sam We Trust!

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