Murray is out…

…before he was even in.

Bob Murray has withdrawn his name from consideration to become the Blue Jackets general manager, The Dispatch has learned.

Murray, the Anaheim Ducks vice president of hockey operations, interviewed with the Blue Jackets on Friday and notified the team on Sunday that he was no longer interested in the job.

Damn it.


3 responses to “Murray is out…

  1. Murray is a great candidate for a GM. I wonder what the reason was.

  2. That’s the big question. The article seems to suggest he talked to his family and decided against it, which would make it sound like a not wanting to move issue. But apparently his family lives in Chicago now, so Columbus would actually be much closer and more convenient than Anaheim.

    The ownership group here is generally seen as supportive of the team and city and I believe the McConnells have good reputations as employers, so it doesn’t seem like a Wirtz/Ballard type situation. Unless he didn’t feel like he would have enough of a budget to work with.

    It could be that he sees the team as too far out of contention and requiring too much rebuilding and felt like he’d rather stay with the probable Cup winner. Although you’d think an ambitious hockey person would want to take on a challenge?

    The other possibility that’s been tossed around is that the Jackets really erred by firing the coach, hiring Hitch, and then firing Doug, and that they should have fired the GM first, and let the new GM bring in his own guy as coach. So I suppose there’s some possibility Murray doesn’t want to be tied to Hitch as coach?

    It certainly doesn’t make the organization look good…from everybody in the hockey world, you create an underwhelming shortlist of four, including two internal candidates, then let it leak out who the top choice is. Then he decides he doesn’t want the job, Neil Smith is also apparently no longer an option according to this morning’s paper, so now they’re scrambling to find new candidates. Which also makes it apparent that Boyd and Clark were in fact on the short list just as a courtesy and were never serious candidates. Sigh.

  3. He doesn’t have the balls to do it…..I’m bitter.

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