No one stole my Dispatch this morning

So I got to read this column by Bob Hunter.

How completely unnecessary.

Okay, we get it, Doug was full of BS. Most of us agreed with that. But Doug is gone. It’s in the past. Whatever personal animus existed between you and him, it’s just not all that interesting anymore.

How about some reporting or commentary on why Bob Murray decided he didn’t want the job in Columbus? Or about who the new candidates are and why they’re right or wrong for the organization? Or about why no one is allowed to interview Jim Nill? Or about what the twists and turns of the GM search thus far tell us about the state of this organization right now?

All of those topics would have been interesting and potentially enlightening to me as a Jackets fan who does not have the access to the higher-ups in the organization that the Dispatch does. Instead we got a gratuitous hack job on the ex-GM.

Kinda makes me wish today’s paper had been the one stolen instead of yesterday’s…


2 responses to “No one stole my Dispatch this morning

  1. Haha it made me laugh…don’t be upset 🙂

  2. I’m not upset, just thought it was lame and lazy journalism.

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