This isn’t the sort of thing to make me stop being superstitious

I turned off the Crew game in disgust with the score 3-1. Surely, based on all the other games I’ve had the misfortune to sit through ’til the bitter end this season, there was no way they’d be coming back.

Alas…they came back to tie it up.

It’s still just one point, and they’re still in the basement, but kudos to the Crew for the road comeback anyway.

As for me, does this mean that now if I want the Crew to win, I have to turn off (or leave) the game before halftime? Worse yet, given that I’m wearing my new Toronto FC jersey today, am I now going to have to wear that for every match, even when the Crew are playing against Toronto FC? The mind boggles. I much prefer my superstition about the Jackets winning when I eat at Chipotle before the game.


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