July 1…

Means two things. First, it’s time for the yearly free agent frenzy to kick off. TSN is the best source, as usual, for breaking news. They’re also doing a special live broadcast starting at 11AM, which, if you live in Columbus and do not have a softball game this afternoon, will be on at the R Bar. I do believe Doug MacLean will be participating in the TSN broadcast, so tune in if you want to hear again about how Zherdev cost him his job…

In this morning’s paper, Portzline has a good overview of the Jackets’ needs and budgetary constraints.

Today is also Canada Day, of course. To my Canadian readers, and Canadians in spirit, enjoy the day. Raise a toast, maybe with some

(I have a bottle of this at home, so I sense an apres softball rye & ginger coming on…)

or maybe a nice summery

(I’d go for one of these right now…)

and then top the evening off with some

(I’d kill for one of these right now…hopefully Billy will get them on the menu at the Grandview Cafe soon)

And just cuz I’m feeling charitable, here’s some bonus CanCon (filmed in Kingston! In that house on Elm St. where the people have 400 cats!):

Happy Canada/Free Agent Frenzy Day!


One response to “July 1…

  1. I’m comin over…I need a drink

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