Jackets sign Jan Hejda

Another not exactly earth-shattering signing. It’s just for a year, so if it doesn’t work out, he won’t be an albatross. He played last season in Edmonton, so Howson is obviously familiar with him and thinks he can help this team.

It is frustrating to sit by and watch teams like St. Louis signing Paul Kariya, while the Jackets are mostly signing projects. But I knew this was pretty much what this off-season was going to be like. And it’s also worth remembering how excited I was when the Jackets signed Foote or traded for Sydor, or made some of those other DMGM deals that didn’t work out as planned. Year Seven shouldn’t really be the point at which fans need to be patient, but that’s pretty much where we find ourselves today.


One response to “Jackets sign Jan Hejda

  1. Did you see that Erikkson signed with the Flames??

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