NHL schedule is out


See here for just the CBJ schedule.

Jackets open the season October 5, at home, against Anaheim. Our Eastern Conference visitors this year will be from the Southeast Division, so we’ll finally get to see Ovechkin, and I’ll finally get to see the Panthers and Lightning.

I’m planning to see the Jackets play in Calgary in March and visit friends who recently moved out there (provided the cost of a plane ticket comes down to the right side of $500). I also hope to get out to St. Louis or possibly Chicago for a game, Jackets as opponents optional.

And with that, I’m kind of going into snooze mode for the rest of the summer vis-a-vis the blog. I imagine I’ll still post some photoblogs from Crew games, and if something happens in the NHL or with the Jackets that I feel compelled to write about, or if I just get a good idea for a post, I’ll put it up. And I hope to finish the rewriting of my draft guide to an all-purpose guide to visiting Columbus and get that back out in public. But as far as regular posting, don’t be alarmed if long silent periods occur. One of the reasons I decided to start a hockey blog after burning out on my previous personal blog was that I figured I could take a hiatus in the summer, and that would keep me from burning out as quickly. So enjoy your summer, everyone, and see you back here in September!

One response to “NHL schedule is out

  1. “against Anaheim”

    Geeze, why don’t they just kill us immediately? D:

    And I’m still mad that the Jackets/Thrashers game is in Columbus. I wanna see the Jackets! ;_; Part of the reason I hate living in Atlanta now. Ah well.

    Have a good summer! 😀

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