Svitov jumps ship

He’s apparently signed to play in Russia, even though he’d previously signed a deal with the Jackets.

This is a disappointment, as he seemed to be rounding into shape as a player last season. Still not worthy of the #3 pick Tampa used on him necessarily, but a useful guy with some size and a mean streak.


3 responses to “Svitov jumps ship

  1. This is very disappointing…I always liked his game even though he never developed into what everyone thought he would be. He seemed to b e a perfect fit for Hitch’s style.

    Am I alone in thinking that it will be a long time before I’m ready to sign any more Russian players? I know that’s probably an unfair generalization, but …

  2. Big money in the Russian leagues now, and a real influence with Russian players. It’s the Shelbyville Atoms and the Springfield Isotopes across 11 times zones, with all that unaudited oil-money to play with. I think NHL teams will continue to have real issues with some Russian players, teams and agents because of the mix of money and property rights arbitrariness.

  3. Well, this is why we got such an apparent steal in the sixth round of the draft with Mayorov this year…

    (I’d still make that pick ten ways from Sunday…even if he never does leave Russia, most picks that low don’t make it anyway.)

    I wonder if Zherdev could be talked into signing in Russia? šŸ˜‰

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