Request for info: CBJ attendance last season

I’m still struggling with this Pick Six issue. Leaning against right now, but I’m trying to figure out my chances of actually not getting to see some of the games I want to see if I don’t get the Pick Six. (Keeping in mind that I live half a mile from the arena and don’t think I have anything else to do the morning tickets go on sale. And as such can be at the box office when they open.)

I’m trying to remember how many sellouts there were last season. I can only think of three: Opening night, Buffalo, and New Year’s Eve. Were there any others people can remember? I know the Leafs game wasn’t a sellout, and I think the Wings games didn’t sell out either, for the first time ever.

(I know I can look this up on the CBJ site, but you have to click through like three screens on each individual game to get to attendance, and I’m too lazy to do that right now)

3 responses to “Request for info: CBJ attendance last season

  1. Here is what I got from ESPN, which keeps track of reported attendance figures per game on each team’s schedule … the sell-outs were as follows:

    Oct. 6 – vs. Vancouver (opening night)
    Dec. 31 – vs. Chicago (New Years’ Eve)
    Jan. 19 – vs. Detroit
    Jan. 26 – vs. Buffalo
    Jan. 27 – vs. Minnesota

    And that’s it. The Minnesota sellout might have been spillover from Sabres fans and general hockey fans who’d come to Columbus for the Sabres’ game, and decided to stay longer than just one day.

  2. Okay, so a couple more than I remembered. Thanks.

    I still think I can’t come up with a compelling reason to put $300 on my credit card right now as opposed to just buying single tickets later.

  3. Unless you have some awesome seat reservations with the Pick 6 (do they do those like the other season ticket / psl reservations?), I’d say not.

    Kinda surprised the november 13th game against Calgary (the one with the huge shootout) wasn’t a sellout, tho. I’d swear they said it was.

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