Today’s sign of the NHL apocalypse

I’ve been down in the ‘Nati the past day, and on my way back to Columbus, I stopped at the big shiny new(ish) Borders store at Deerfield Towne Center in Mason (speaking of which, am I crazy, or did the original plans for that development include an ice rink?) to see if they had the Hockey News yearbook. I’d been hearing it was out, but hadn’t had any luck finding it yet in Columbus.

They did in fact have the THN yearbook, and to my pleasant surprise, they also had two separate Sporting News NHL previews. I couldn’t figure out at first why there were two — maybe one was geared towards fantasy sports and the other a straight league preview, like THN does? Nope, that didn’t seem to be it. I flipped through one of them and that’s when I realized: they had both the 2007-08 preview and the 2006-07. And they had a big stack of the 06-07 one.


The NHL is dying! At least in Mason!


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