Central Division Group Blog Preview

It’s Labor Day, the traditional end of summer — although most schools have already gone back, city pools have been closed for awhile, and I believe the 2008 New Hampshire Primary is next week. But with the Traverse City Rookie Tournament next weekend and CBJ training camp kicking off the 13th, it’s almost time for hockey season. So thus ends the little summer semi-hiatus for this blog.

And what better way to start things off than with a season preview? And that’s what you’ll get, only it’s going to be more than just a Jackets preview. Thanks to the organizing legwork of Dave at Gorilla Crouch, the Central Division bloggers are teaming up to provide a September (and part of an October) of previews.

Each Monday for the next five, one Central team will be featured and its bloggers will offer their partisan take on where their team stands headed into the new season. Sounds like fun, eh?

The schedule is as follows:

So, check out all these blogs each Monday and see what to expect in the Central Division in the 2007-08 NHL season.


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