Liveblogging camp

This is an experiment. First time I’ve tried liveblogging from my BlackBerry.

Today’s session is just for the players not playing tonight against Nashville. So no Brassard, Brule, Feds, or Voracek tonight.

10:57: They just did the ice and are receiving direction from the asst coaches.

10:59: Derek MacKenzie has been impressive today. He’s been playing on a line with Shelley & Goertzen. Looks not bad for a grinder type.

11:02: Camp invite Sipotz is friggin’ huge!

11:07: Smaller crowd today

11:09: Feds and Brule have been paired up. Possible second line of Feds-Brule-Modin?

11:14: One of the coaches (Noel?) just gave them an earful about communicating on the ice.

11:15: I showered last night, so that must be the hockey players I smell…

11:19: Brule looks better today than he did yesterday. Handling the puck better.

11:20: Just noticed Hitch up in the stands with Howson.

11:23: Couple nice goals in a row by Jarman.

11:27: Feds seems to be sucking wind a lot after drills.

11:29: Chimera just took a puck off the ankle. Kept going, but looks to be sore. Looks like he’s going off now.

11:32: He’s back

11:33: Brassard just rubbed out Brule pretty good along the boards.

11:35: I could watch Brassard handle the puck all day.

11:42: Another quiet day for Peca.

11:43: Voracek checking for blood after being roughed up by Sipotz.

11:46: Voracek just dumped Jarman on his ass.

11:47: And now Feds leads them in stretches


One response to “Liveblogging camp

  1. This is a cool idea.

    I agree with the Brassard comment. He’s just so smooth out there, especially for someone his age and experience.

    Peca dominated Brule in faceoffs from what I saw.

    One thing that jumped out at my was that Campbell was the only D-man to net a lot of goals. At one point he got like 4 out of 5 in against Norenna who was playing pretty good all day.

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