Jackets 1, Preds 3

My inner monologue during last night’s game:

“It’s just preseason…it’s just preseason….they only had three days of practice…few regulars played…it’s just preseason.

But, but…Nashville’s in the same boat.

It’s just preseason…it’s just preseason.


Hopefully Vyborny is okay. He took a nasty spill into the boards on a cheap hit by Martin Erat.


2 responses to “Jackets 1, Preds 3

  1. It was “just preseason”, nothing more, nothing less. I saw players on both teams make mistakes that they wouldn’t ordinarily make during the course of the season, but they were all trying to make an impression on either Hitch or Trots and perhaps pressing a bit.

  2. I know, I know. It just felt at times on Sunday night too much like sitting in the stands for some games last year…especially watching them not only not score, but give up shorthanded goals on a 5 minute PP.

    I look forward to seeing them play with the full NHL roster.

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