Curiouser and curiouser: WOW, the NHL Network, and Time Warner

To follow up on something I posted this morning — now WideOpenWest (WOW) cable is apparently telling subscribers who call about Center Ice that there will be no Center Ice for them this year; that negotiations with the NHL have stopped completely. Apparently, the crux of the matter is the NHL Network, which the league has supposedly demanded providers pick up if they’re to offer Center Ice.

Which is odd, because I’m a Time Warner subscriber, they do have Center Ice, and I can’t find the NHL Network anywhere on my cable. Nor does it show up on the channel lineup.

So either:

  • WOW is lying to its customers
  • Or TW is not living up to the terms of its contract with the NHL
  • Or the NHL drove a harder bargain with smaller providers than with TW
  • Or the NHL Network is going to magically appear on my cable lineup at some point


(For what it’s worth, I had the NHL Network on my digital cable in Kingston in what I believe was its premiere season — 2001-02 — and at that point at least, it wasn’t that exciting. One can only watch the 1996 Draft so many times.)


3 responses to “Curiouser and curiouser: WOW, the NHL Network, and Time Warner

  1. The NHL network’s US launch isn’t supposed to be until the end of the month for most markets, so it’s difficult to say one way or the other, but I’d guess it will show up sooner or later on your TW.

    That said, after seeing the Dish Network’s HD Center Ice coverage (both feeds for every game, usually with at least the home team in HD), I’m pretty glad I finally told WOW’s erratic service to go to hell and switched.

    (Dish Network has said they will carry NHL network after the launch, too so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve heard the classic game lineups are pretty good these days.)

  2. Aw, another great conspiracy theory blown to bits! 😉

    Wow, Dish gives you both feeds on CI? That’s pretty cool. My current lease prohibits satellite dishes, so I’m stuck with cable for now.

    What I really want is to get a grey market Canadian dish, so I can watch Coronation Street in addition to more hockey choices.

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