So, the football game yesterday was kind of a dud in terms of play on the field, which I expected going in. 48-3 OSU; it was for all intents and purposes over in the second quarter. Still, as my first experience at an OSU football game (or any significant football game, for that matter…my only previous games were some Walnut Hills games when I was in high school, and one “Kill McGill” game at Queen’s. Which despite being one of the bigger football schools in Ontario, plays in a stadium about as impressive as my high school’s. Which, as noted, is a laughingstock of Cincinnati high school football. So yeah.) it was pretty exciting just to be in the stadium with 105,000 people, see the full band out on the field, watch 100k doing the “O-H-I-O!” It was worth it for the experience.

In other news:

  • Jackets lost 5-1 to Colorado. I was pretty tired and sunburnt after the football game, and I drifted off some time in the second period of this one, so I can’t comment on just how bad they looked. But suffice it to say that there’s still work to be done.
  • The Crew actually won last night, on the road, against a good team, in last minute spectacular fashion. But it was all for naught, as Chicago’s 0-0 draw with DC finally euthanized the Crew’s playoff dreams once and for all. They still have one game left, on the road.
  • The Buckeyes men’s hockey team won the Lefty McFadden tournament in Dayton. Before I got the football ticket, I’d contemplated driving out to this, but I do hate the Nutter Center so. Congrats to the Bucks, in any event. They open league play against Miami at home next Friday. I’m going to try to go to that one…after all, I bought the necklace of buckeyes; I have to wear it somewhere.
  • St. Lawrence split the weekend’s non-conference play, losing to UMass and beating Providence. They jump headfirst into league play next weekend with a trip to Hades Cheel. Go Saints!
  • You can still hit up the Grandview Library book sale from 1-3 today.

2 responses to “I-O!

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  2. A lot of people are upset about Walnut’s losing streak but I’m actually excited about it. We’ll finally get into the sports records books and it will provide a great story to the kids in school now when they go to college. Columbia had a huge football losing streak and the student body celebrated it. It’s a badge of brains over brawn.

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