Jackets 3, Blues 0

Well, I picked a fine night to stay home and watch on TV instead of making the .6 mile trek to Nationwide Arena…

Jackets finally string together two wins in a row. Fourth shutout of the season for Pascal! I much prefer this to last season, when the team set a modern NHL record for being shutout. Nash continues to be a dominant force on the ice — that between-the-legs goal he scored was a thing of beauty. And how about Novotny, starting to maybe just possibly show why he was an NHL first round pick?

Now I just hope they can make it three in a row against the Sharks on Saturday, since I do intend to make it out to that one.

Now to go watch the third period of OSU-Minnesota on Fox College Sports.

ETA: Courtesy of Bethany, here’s the sick Nash goal for anyone who missed it:


2 responses to “Jackets 3, Blues 0

  1. at least you could see the game, here in cincinnati, FSN had high school football on, a travesty! Although, if not seeing games on tv helps put together a win streak then so be it.

  2. Yeah, some people on Metro were complaining about that. I guess it happened in both Cincinnati and Cleveland (different HS football games). I know the Jackets probably don’t get big ratings outside of Columbus, but, sheesh — high school football pre-empting a game?

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