CBJ 4, Kings 1

I actually did stay up to watch this game (and a bunch of old Golden Girls episodes afterwards, since I had insomnia), but I was mostly being stressed and angry about work, so I don’t have much to say about it, aside from: Woo-hoo! 7-3-1, baby! And for once, the Jackets did not get spanked 11-0 by the Kings in the month of October. That’s some progress if I ever did see it.

Another late game tonight, against the Ducks. I’ll try to stay up again for this one, although hopefully not the antics of Sophia and Blanche afterwards, since I do have to get up early again tomorrow. How is today not Friday?

Also, DirecTV subscribers apparently have the NHL Network now, and last night’s game was on that and not on Center Ice. Needless to say, the NHL Network has yet to show up on TW, although I assume it’s supposed to at some point. Probably next April.

ETA: I decided to e-mail local Time Warner about when the NHL Network would be coming. They think it’s the same thing as Center Ice, so I shan’t be holding my breath on this one:

Thank you for your inquiry about the NHL network channels. They are in the channel lineup for Columbus under channels 621 – 630. These are digital Pay-Per-View channels. If you have any questions about receiving these channels you may contact our customer service at 481 5050 and a representative will be happy to assist you.

ETA2: Heard back from TW again. They have no info on when the NHL Network will come to Columbus, but they’re putting in a channel request on my behalf.


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