Jackets 0, Ducks 0: After One

Some observations thus far: Jackets not looking so hot; outshot by a significant margin by the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks, Sr. Of course, playing most of the period shorthanded doesn’t help matters. If not for a decent performance by Norrena, and, let’s face it, some luck, this game could have an ugly score already.

Also in the “ugly” column: Freddy Modin has gone off injured. FSN says he won’t be back tonight, although it’s unclear if they were told that by the Jackets’ staff, or if that was just the expert medical opinion of Jim Day.

Of course, the bright side is that, no matter how ugly that first period was, the score is still 0-0, so if the Jackets can get their heads on straight in the remaining periods, they don’t have to climb out of a hole.

OTness: I got lunch from here today. Highly recommended. Mmm, fried gator…


One response to “Jackets 0, Ducks 0: After One

  1. Jared Boll rocks!

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