Poor pitiful me*

So, I should be at the Tip Top right now enjoying the Gay St. goes Bi specials and then heading to the Grandview Cafe to watch the Jackets-Hawks game with friends, but instead I’m sitting at home, sick. You should feel sorry for me.

* This is a real roundabout, laterally-minded hockey reference: the seminal Canadian punk band SNFU did a cover of “Poor Pitiful Me” on their And Nobody Else Wanted to Play album, which I loved in the 1980s. On another of their albums, If You Swear, You’ll Get No Fish, in the band picture on the back, they’re holding a Koho Blackfibre hockey stick, which I always thought was a sharp-looking stick back then. I salvaged a broken one out of the trash at Northland once and tried to use it for street hockey, but it gave me nasty fiberglass splinters**, so I had to discard it.

** In the last century, hockey sticks used to be made of wood and fiberglass, believe it or not.


One response to “Poor pitiful me*

  1. Not to sound ignorant, but what are hockey sticks made out of? I used to carry around a broken hockey stick (Choke from Slapshot did too), and brought it into the pit (at both SNFU shows that I saw). I didn’t hit anyone, I just liked carrying it around for some reason.

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