Jackets 4, Hawks 2

That was more like it. Figures this is the game I decided to stay home and watch on TV, rather than Monday night’s stink-fest.

Nash mixing it up at the end — it appeared he didn’t have his jersey tied down. That’s an extra penalty, isn’t it? Although I suppose the point is moot, given that the game was over when Nash threw down.

Now to continue the stronger play on the road in St. Loo on Friday…


One response to “Jackets 4, Hawks 2

  1. It was a good contest, and a good scrap at the end. Sorry you had to miss it.

    I was relieved to hear that there would be no instigator penalty thrown out there in the final fracas, as I believe that would have garnered Nash a one-game suspension?

    It was good to see the guys play with a little spirit.

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