Edmonton Journal on Howson

Nice article about Scott Howson’s first few months at the helm in Columbus:

True to his nature, Howson has taken small, careful steps in the first six months on his dream job, and that attention to even the smallest detail has been noticed by other influential members of the Blue Jackets organization.

“It’s really a people business. He and his wife, Antoinette, have done things that have really enhanced the hockey club,” said head coach Ken Hitchcock. “It’s just the way you treat people. Little things you do for the staff and their significant others. I really believe it will make us a lot better.”

Hat tip to Kukla’s Korner for finding this article.

ETA: Commenter Fan in Edmonton has provided a link to another Howson story in Edmonton’s other local paper, the Sun. Check it out.

ETA2: Fixed the link. Thanks for the heads up!


One response to “Edmonton Journal on Howson

  1. Edmonton has two papers; The Journal and The Sun. That is from the Edmonton Journal. Here’s the article from the Edmonton Sun.

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