In this post from last summer, I opined that the NHL ought to allow the creation of a hockey soap opera a la Dream Team. Looks like we’re halfway there…I just learned of MVP, which is coming to the CBC, and looks from the ads and media coverage to be along those lines (if maybe a bit more Footballers Wives-esque).

It’s still only half my scenario, though, since it sounds like the series doesn’t have the blessing of the league, so they won’t get to use real team names and uniforms, unlike Dream Team. And I haven’t heard of any plans yet to make it available in the US, where the sport’s in need of a boost, and which — who knows? — a campy TV soap might deliver. It would be nice if Vs. would pick it up, but if the league doesn’t approve, I suspect they will refrain.

Maybe I can at least hope for a DVD release.


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