Been busy

I had to work late the other night and as such only saw a little of the Jackets’ 2-0 loss to Vancouver, which is why I haven’t posted anything about that game. I expect to miss most or all of their game tonight with Calgary, since I’ll be at the historic Southgate House in Newport, KY watching one of only two concerts this year by Dayton’s own Robert Pollard. So don’t expect anything on tonight’s game, either. I should be back to my usual loquacity about all things CBJ-related by the Dallas game next week, although I don’t plan to attend that one.

I did watch part of the OSU-Michigan game last night on Fox College Sports, and saw the struggling Buckeyes upset Michigan. OSU is now on a modest two-game winning streak and has vaulted into a tie for ninth in the CCHA. Hopefully this is a sign of some good karma vis-a-vis my teams, as St. Lawrence could really use some sort of divine intervention as they face that evil school from Pots-god-dam tonight at Appleton. I’ll be there in spirit.


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