St. Lawrence 2, Ohio State 3 (OT)

Disappointing end to a game in which the Saints started out pretty strong. They jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first, and looked to be taking it to OSU. As the game went on, and especially in the third period, though, they let the Bucks back in the game bit by bit. They gave up the tying goal late — Petizian made a series of great saves, but his defensemen couldn’t get the puck cleared, and the last rebound wound up in the back of the net. That gave the Buckeyes a decided emotional advantage heading into the extra frame, and when St. Lawrence was called for a penalty in OT, I kinda knew what was coming next. Goal, Buckeyes. Crap.

Hopefully St. Lawrence will keep up the good play for the full 60 minutes tomorrow, and win by a nice healthy margin. Because I want to see it, and because if they lose, I have to sport a St. Louis Blues avatar on Metroboards, thanks to a bet. Don’t let me down now, Saints!

As I expected, the Schott was a completely non-threatening place to root for the opposing team, unlike some other buildings I’ve been to (I was afraid to take off my jacket and reveal my jersey when SLU played at Goggin…). The women sitting at the end of our row did look at me like I’d sprouted horns when they saw the jersey, but they were so impressed I’d driven twelve hours to the game from Canton, NY (Oh, why disabuse them of the notion?) that it was all good.

Bob McKenzie was there watching his son, Mike, play for the Saints. I considered going up and telling him that I stayed in the hotel room next to his at the University Inn in Canton last year, but that would be all kinds of creepy and probably not a good conversational gambit. Maybe tomorrow night I’ll pump him for some bon mots on the CBJs.

I took 113 photos, and got some of the best hockey pictures I’ve ever gotten (and not just because they feature that glorious scarlet and brown uniform), but after washing my sorrow down at the Rusty Bucket with a couple of broon ales, I’m a little too tired to sort and upload the pick of the litter. But watch this space tomorrow for some action shots (which just sounds extra nasty after that whole thing about Bob McKenzie’s hotel room, doesn’t it?)


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